About Us

Who are we?

Wondering who are we? Well, we are crazy people who love to spend time window shopping amazing products that money can buy. In our hunt, we try to find the coolest stuff on the Internet. Sometimes, those products are extremely useful while other times, they are outright crazy and don’t make any sense. Yes, you will find odd products, cool products, funny products, geeky products, and more on this website.

We have selected the name Curator because that is what we do. We curate! We do not sell any product on our own. We don’t own any product here on this site. We find products and display them in front of you. If you purchase a product that we display, we get a small commission that is technically known as Affiliate Income. Yes, we are affiliates. We are Amazon Affiliates. So, here on Curator, you can find products that are sold on Amazon. We do not curate products from other e-commerce websites. In future, we may become affiliates of some other e-commerce sites but for now, Amazon is sufficient.

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